• Individuals agree to not jeopardize the validity and integrity of the food handler exam.
  • Individuals agree that the person taking the exam is the person who took and finished the online course.
  • Individuals agree that the certificate can and will only be valid if all of the requisites are satisfied for food handlers.
  • Individuals agree that the certificate will not be changed, doctored, edited, or transferred in anyway. Any of these activities may invalidate the certificate immediately. 
  • The examinations and the questions contained therein are the exclusive property of 1 AAA Food Handler and are protected by federal copyright law. No part of the examination(s) may be copied, reproduced in part or whole by any means whatsoever, including memorization.
  • Individual participation in any irregularity occurring during the examination, such as giving or obtaining unauthorized information or aid, as evidenced by an observation or subsequent statistical analysis, may be sufficient cause to invalidate the results of the examination or the certificate issued, or other appropriate remedy.
  • Individuals verify that they have successfully met the program requirements. If at any time it is confirmed an individual has not met all the requirements, individuals will no longer be eligible for the certificate, or will have their current certificate invalidated.
  • Individuals verify that they solely are responsible for the answers provided on the test(s) and that they were not provided assistance by other individuals.
  • All communications regarding this certificate will not be to assume certificate holders are licensed or certified. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use any abbreviations following the individual’s name to denote your earned certificate.

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