Understanding California’s New Food Safety Law: SB 476 and AAA Food Handler Training

Food safety is critical to the food industry, ensuring consumers are protected from potential food safety hazards. In October, Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill (SB) 476, introducing significant changes to California’s food safety laws. These changes emphasize the importance of food handler certificates and ensure fair compensation and provisions for employees undergoing training, reducing the burden from employee to employer.


SB 476 mandates that individuals involved in food preparation, storage, or service in a food facility must obtain a food handler card within 30 days of employment. This requirement ensures that those handling food undergo specific training to maintain safety standards, safeguarding public health.

What Constitutes a Food Handler?

The bill defines a food handler as someone actively engaged in food-related tasks, excluding those already possessing a valid food safety certificate or working in temporary food facilities. Obtaining a food handler card necessitates completing a certified training course, and examination meeting specified criteria.

Key Provisions of SB 476

One of the most notable provisions of SB 476 is the requirement for employers to consider the time employees take to complete training and examination as “hours worked.” This crucial change ensures fair compensation for the time and effort invested by employees in obtaining their food handler cards. Employers are also obligated to reimburse necessary expenditures related to the certification process.

Moreover, the legislation stipulates that employees must be relieved of other work duties while undergoing the training course and examination. This provision ensures employees can focus solely on the certification process without distractions.

Additionally, SB 476 prohibits employers from conditioning employment on an applicant or employee possessing an existing food handler card. This provision ensures fair access to job opportunities without discrimination based on certificate status.

AAA Food Handler Training and Compliance


In line with SB 476’s requirements, AAA Food Handler training offers comprehensive courses that meet the specified criteria for the food handler certificate. These courses cover essential topics such as food safety principles, sanitation practices, and regulations, preparing individuals for the examination required to obtain a food handler card.

AAA Food Handler training prioritizes equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle food safely, ensuring compliance with California’s stringent food safety laws.

Implementation and Future Impact


The changes introduced by SB 476 are set to take effect on January 1, 2024. These amendments signify a significant shift towards prioritizing employee rights, fair compensation, and enhanced food safety practices in California’s food industry.


Senate Bill 476 marks a pivotal moment in California’s food safety legislation by emphasizing the importance of food handler cards and ensuring equitable treatment of employees undergoing training. With AAA Food Handler training to align with these regulatory updates, individuals in the food industry can access quality education, fostering a safer and healthier environment for consumers and workers alike.

As the implementation date approaches, food facility employers and employees must familiarize themselves with these changes and proactively comply with the new regulations, prioritizing food safety and fair labor practices.

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